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What are The Most Popular 235/65R17 Tires for KIA?

235/65R17 KIA is a pickup truck tire size for on and off road use. It has a Diameter of 29″ (inches), Width 9.3″ (inches), Wheel diameter 17″ (inches) and a Sidewall 6.0″ (inches). This tire size is mostly designed for All Terrain and Highway models.

Next, we show you the 5 Most Popular 235/65R17 tires for KIA in USA Market.

Goodyear Reliant All Season KIA Sorento 235/65R17
Continental CrossContact LX25KIA Sorento235/65R17
Nexen Roadian GTXKIA Sorento235/65R17
Toyo Open Country ATIII KIA Sportage235/65R17

1.- Goodyear Reliant All Season on KIA Sorento – 235/65R17 

With improved wet grip and all-season assurance, the 235/65R17 Goodyear Reliant All-Season tire gives you a better driving experience. To lessen hydroplaning, these tires have Aquatred-optimized grooves that assist move water away from the wheels.

The tires have an asymmetrical shape with a deep groove in the middle that absorbs water and quiets road noise. For optimal traction, especially on slick roads, the tires themselves are comprised of a specific rubber mix that keeps more touch with the road. On icy, rainy roads, these characteristics also provide dependable traction. Goodyear Reliant All-Season tires are made to be used all year long. All-season tires are adaptable and effective in a variety of environments.

They are a sensible choice for motorists who don’t want to change their tires every season. On both dry and wet roads, the Reliant All-Season tires provide exceptional grip and traction.

  • Enhanced Wet Braking (better wet braking performance due to optimized tread design).
  • Superior traction on wet surfaces (Aquatred grooves to promote water evaporation and minimize hydroplaning).
  • Asymmetric tread patterns result in a quieter ride.

2.- Continental CrossContact LX25 on KIA Sorento – 235/65R17 

The 235/65R17 Continental CrossContact LX25  is an all-season tire made for crossovers, SUVs, and light-duty pickup trucks.

Its tread compound contains tri-net silica, which improves the tire’s ability to gain and maintain traction in a variety of circumstances and on a variety of terrain.

In addition, the tri-net silica compound, along with the siping on the tread, helps to improve traction and grip even more, especially on snowy roads.

Continental has designed an asymmetrical tread pattern for this tire, which improves handling and responsiveness. Four circumferential grooves are present on the tire’s surface, ensuring that it can cross wet and slick conditions without losing traction.

The four circumferential grooves also aid in hydroplaning prevention, ensuring that the tire retains traction throughout.

The adoption of jointless cap piles, which allow for better vehicle reaction and a smoother ride, improves its weather performance even further.

Making rapid turns on wet and slippery conditions is not an issue with the Continental CrossContact LX Sport, unlike other all-season tires. It also has excellent braking performance on both wet and dry pavement.

With low road noise, the Continental CrossContact LX Sport provides a smooth and quiet ride. This can be attributed to the Acoustic Alterra technology being used. The CrossContact LX Sport has a UTQG treadwear rating of 680, so it should last as long as it says it will.

3.- Nexen Roadian GTX on KIA Sorento – 235/65R17

The tire, like other vehicle components, is essential for starting, moving, and stopping a vehicle. Therefore, selecting an appropriate tire model will have a considerable impact on both the vehicle’s performance and the driver’s safety. One of the best options available now among the many items on the market is 235/65R17 Nexen Roadian GTX.

We are aware that this product contains all the attributes required for a high-quality tire model for many different reasons. The most common, though, is the capacity to move through a variety of terrains with surprising steadiness and comfort.

This tire model can undoubtedly easily navigate challenging terrain thanks to its contemporary design and what appears to be a number of innovative production technologies placed inside. Even slick, water-filled roads cannot be problematic for the Roadian GTX, regardless of whether they are in a city or town with flat asphalt roads.

More specifically, this Nexen brand item is appropriate for use during all four seasons. As a result, you won’t have to worry about utilizing this tire model for a specific amount of time.


4.- Toyo Open Country AT3 on KIA Sportage – 235/65R17

The aggressive and wide tread pattern of the 235/65R17 Toyo Open Country AT III provides excellent traction in  wet conditions and provides excellent water drainage channels. The contact patch’s phased computer designed design of blocks and grooves ensures a long-lasting and quiet ride.

Each groove is extremely deep, with stone ejecting blocks that have tapering edges. This allows the tire to maintain exceptional traction throughout each revolution while also reducing the risk of premature tread loss.

The tread pattern is linked together by tie bars in between the tread blocks for added stability and even longer predicted endurance. Interspersed throughout are zig zag sipes that provide additional biting edges for optimum handling in all weather. The Toyo Open Country AT III is a fantastic option for any light truck or SUV driver that wants to go off-road

Top Best Price 235/65R17 Tires

PRICE: $135 - $150 Per Tire
PRICE: $139 - $153 Per Tire
PRICE: $141 - $156 Per Tire
PRICE: $143 - $158 Per Tire
PRICE: $143 - $158 Per Tire
PRICE: $143 - $159 Per Tire
TOYO EXTENSA A/S IIPRICE: $144 - $159 Per Tire
SUMITOMO HTR A/S P03PRICE: $144 - $159 Per Tire

Video 235/65R17 Toyo Open Country A/T III on Subaru Forester SJ

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