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How Great are 265/70r17 Toyo AT Open Country AT II?

Open Country Toyo A/T Tires

The 265/70r17 Toyo AT 2 is an all-terrain light truck tire designed for SUVs, pickup trucks and vans with three different style options designed to fit your needs. The Toyo Open Country AT 2 has been redesigned to offer the comfort of all-weather tractions, they have the snowflake mountain symbol that indicating it’s ready for the colder winter conditions.

One of the things that you will notice on the 265/70r17 Toyo AT, a little small details, is you’ll have an XT option for this tire, what we are saying is that’s basically the more extreme version of this the tire. So, it actually has a little bit deeper tread wells so you get more traction off-roads as well as a more aggressive shoulder.

The 265/70 r17 tire has a little bit deeper tread wells so you get more traction off-road, as well as a more aggressive shoulder.

The design of the tread pattern is actually relative aggressive, just in the fact that it has a lot of steep angles and cuts in it. And they do have a lot of siping on the tread blocks as well, which is great if you´re somebody who does have to deal with snow on your road.

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Toyo Open Country AT II AW

Toyo Open Country II AW

Toyo increased the winter traction with other tire models option the Open Country AT II AW designed for inclement weather and colder temperatures. Some unique features are:

  1. Building with the same impressive construction polyester, casing 2 wide steel belts along with 2 joint less cap plies increased durability overall tire uniformity and increase handling.
  2. A high stiffness bead filler improves steering response and high speed stability an optimized tread pattern offers exeptional on-road traction while the optimized staggered block design reduce road harmonics for a quiet and comfortable ride.
  3. The aggressive blocks also also help grip into wet slushy or snow-covered roads. Staggered scallop sidewall design adds to the aggressive look and increases traction in rugged or snow roads.

snowflake tire symbol

These all-weather tires are a great option for regions with light or intermittent winter conditions or for drives who cant’s or won´t change to winter tires.

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