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Is the 265 75r16 Cooper Discoverer AT3 designed for Mud Terrain?

Cooper AT3 white letters

The 265 75r16 Cooper Discoverer AT3 is their slightly less aggressive than all-terrain, prioritize on-road comfort, low noise and maximum lifespan.

This 265/65 r16 all terrain tire has also been given the mud and snow stamping here which designates use for light snow or mud use and this tire will be one of your best bets in the category when looking for mileage.

You can expect 55.000 miles that is even more on some of their SUV option and that’s going to be awesome for guys looking for that long-term solution with their all-terrain tires.

The 265 75r16 Cooper Discoverer AT3 will be extremely quiet on the highway for an All-Terrain category.

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Copper AT3 XLT

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

It’s the same product line than the Cooper Discoverer AT3, however the AT3 XLT is the most extreme of the bunch, and it’s designed for hardcore use but still comes with the Cooper treadwear warranty.

It’s pretty quiet and smooth, this tire also has the whisper grooves to keep it quiet out on the highway, it´s got even wear arc technology so it’s shaped to balance the pressure at the road from between the tire and the road that’s what really helps it last a lot longer and help in the rain giving better wet traction.

Because of the compound that they use in this these tires they stop better than a lot of competitive all terrain brand tires. Other unique feature of this tire is the more aggressive sidewall and the raised letter that give more robust and more aggressive look.

Copper AT3 4S

Copper AT3 4S

This tire combines the silica-based tread compound into the secure grip all terrain pattern. The open five grip design is engineered to provide wet and dry performance in addition to offer off-road capability. The circumferential aqua vac channels and wide lateral notches helps evacuate water from the contact patch and resist hydroplaning.

Micro gaze zigzag siped create biting edges for added traction and slippery conditions while we´re training tread blocks stability for dry traction and handling.

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