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How Good are 265/75r16 Cooper STT Pro tires?

265 70r17 Cooper Discovery STT Pro

The 265/75r16 Cooper STT Pro is the Mud Tire on the Cooper product line. The tire provides superior reliability and durability with Armor-Tek3 construction that adds strength to the sidewall and tread area. The 265/75r16 Cooper STT Pro also features a silica-infused tread compound to improve traction in wet conditions and lowers rolling resistance for improved fuel mileage.

265 70r17 Cooper STT Pro

Huge chunky tread blocks on sides and a little bit closer together in the middle in an effort to help reduce that road noise. Something interesting about this 265/70 r17 Cooper Tires is one these outer tread blocks they kind of have these grooves into the side of the treat which is something different that I haven’t seen before any other tires before.

265 70r17 Cooper STT Pro red jeep wrangler

They have a triple ply sidewall so they´ll resist punctures really well and the tread on these is so aggressive because of the great tread design. The sidewall just has these nice little nabis on the side that really just going to grab stuff.

There is no warranty on this just like any mud tire brands because the types of driving that you´re gonna be doing.

Some opinion about 265/75r16 Cooper STT Pro Pro:

  1. “Man these are an aggressive tire, these are meant for hitting the trails going to get muddy hitting the rocks but also being tame enough that you commute with them”
  2. “I love the aggressiveness of the tires and I really just love how the overall look”.
  3. “You can see how it has these scooped shapes lugs that will help you give that extra bite, extra grip when you´re off-roading”

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