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265/75r16 Hankook Dynapro ATM Tire Review. 2020 Update.

The 265/75r16 Hankook Dynapro ATM was engineered to be a durable versatile performer that combines off-road capability, dry and wet traction and confident light snow traction. Is a Premium aggressive tire for all-terrain, designed for Pickup or Light Truck and SUV. Comfortable driving on the road

The 265/75r16 Hankook Dynapro ATM is built to withstand the terrain stresses often faced by high-power picks up and SUVs. Its tiger tooth inspired tread pattern and wide footprint boost traction even on the most unruly of surface. While the wraparound tread design dips on the sidewall for added puncture resistant, for bit of boldness check out the aggressive sidewall design.

It’s a premium aggressive all-terrain tire, it has a rugged looks and its guards against cuts bruises and impacts it says stone injector in the center and on the shoulder and be aware it’s a little noisy.

Some opinion about the Hankook 265/75 r16 Dynapro ATM:

“These tires are quite bit quieter than a mud terrain tire and that’s one really big reason why I picked these over mud terrain tire”

“They’re great tires, great quality expected lots of life out of them, haven´t got stuck with them yet of course I’m not doing anything too crazy and of course the tread life lasts a long time so you’re going to get a long of use out of these for the money”

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