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5 things you didn’t know about 265/75r16 BFGoodrich KO2?

BFGoodrich KO2

The 265/75r16 BFGoodrich KO2 tire has legendary reputation in the off-road community. BFG practically invented the first radial off-road or all-terrain tire over 40 years ago. The BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2 it was engineered to deliver go anywhere traction combined with excellent durability, long wear and confident year-round performance including light snow traction sufficient to earn the three peak mountain snowflake symbol.

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 red Jeep

5 things you didn’t know about 265/75r16 BFGoodrich KO2:

1.- BFGoodrich is an American tire company, it was acquired in 1990 by the French company Michelin.

2.- The 265/75r16 KO2 Bfgoodrich is the next generation or brother of the original KO tire, which alone, was a rock star in the category.

3.- To make this tire tougher overall, BFG just basically fortified some of the big weak spots, more specifically the sidewalls and shoulder area, which is where over 80% all terrains tire failures occur.

4.- BFG is using that CoreGuard technology, making this tire 15% to 20% stronger than the original KO tire, helping to prevent punctures and thinks like that.

5.- In the BFgoodrich 265/70r17 all terrain they are always some kind of expected noise when dealing with a tire aggressive tread design like this, however most customer experienced say that these tires are very quiet while on the road.

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 red Jeep

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