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What are The Most Popular 275/60R17 tires for Ford?

275/60R17 Ford is a pickup truck tire size for on and off road use. It has a Diameter of 31.9″ (inches), Width 10.8″ (inches), Wheel diameter 20″ (inches) and a Sidewall 5.95″ (inches). This tire size is mostly designed for All Terrain, Highway, Mud Terrain and SUVs/Light Truck models.

Next, we show you the 5 Most Popular 275/60r17 tires for Ford in USA Market.

1.- BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2Ford F150 275/60R17
2.- Cooper Discoverer AT3Ford F150275/60R17
3.- Goodyear Wrangler DuratracFord F150275/60R17
4.- Nitto Terra Grappler G2Ford F150275/60R17
5.- Toyo Open Country AT2Ford F150275/60R17

1.- BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Ford F150 – 275/60R17

The 275/60r17 Ford  BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire has legendary reputation in the off-road community. BFG practically invented the first radial off-road or all-terrain tire over 40 years ago. The KO2 is the next generation or brother of the original KO tire, which alone, was a rock star in the category.

So to make this tire tougher overall, BFG just basically fortified some of the big weak spots, more specifically the sidewalls and shoulder area, which is where over 80% all terrains tire failures occur.

To do so, they beefed up that shoulder area using that is called their CoreGuard technology, making this tire 15% to 20% stronger than the original KO tire, helping to prevent punctures and thinks like that.

In the BF Goodrich KO2 terrain they are always some kind of expected noise when dealing with a tire aggressive tread design like this, however most customer experienced say that these tires are very quiet while on the road.

A last important detail is that the KO2 is three peak snowflakes rated, meaning that this have met stringent requirements set forth by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association and the Rubber Association of Canada to identify passenger and light truck tires that provide a higher level of snow traction and meets required performance criteria to be considered a severe snow rated tire, so that way, you can feel confident in the snow or on the ice.

2.- Cooper Discoverer AT3 on Ford F150 – 275/60R17

The 275/60r17 Ford Cooper Tires Discoverer AT3 offers durable tread technology. The tires design is intended for hauling heavy loads with less where these tires are built to withstand ongoing assaults from dirt and gravel and are available in larger sizes.

The unique tire tread offers a rugged, biting edge on the shoulder of the tire. Cooper Tires also emphasizes 10 feet shorter stopping distances on wet roads. This tire design offers great dry performance, wet performance; tread water quality handling, off-road capability and dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel ranked well.

The AT3 Tire has four key design features, Whisper Groups technology: the whisper groove provides a sound barrier that reduces road noise. Stone ejector ledges: ledges easily eject stones and gravel, protecting the tire from stones. Drilling into carcass and maintaining a clean tread for enhanced road traction. Rugged traction shoulders: the rugged traction shoulders provide increased off-road traction for bolder crawling and mud handling, as well as additional resistance to abrasions and punctures.


3.- Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac on Ford F150 – 275/60R17 

The 275/60r17  Ford with Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac are used in work trucks, and plow trucks are especially popular in the former. Everybody wears these things because they are quite impressive both off-road and on-road.

You can see they have those big chunky blocks of the tread on the side and then in the middle, it’s a little closer and it’s a smaller block of the tread. But there is still a lot of space there for the evacuation of not only water, but also gravel, mud rocks, etc. And by having them closer together in the center, you get a little more mileage out of these. So, depending on the sizes, they have a fifty-thousand-mile warranty. So that’s something you’ll want to investigate.

When it comes to driving in the snow, we can tell you first hand that these things are pretty impressive, just in the tread pattern alone, you will see that there are a ton of zigzag snipers. And basically, what it does is it collects snow and locks it in those little sections so you don’t turn it into a stain, but you get better acceleration and better braking by having all this extra writing there.

So, if you are looking for a tire with an off-road appearance and good performance both on the road and in difficult terrain such as snow, we recommend the Wrangler Duratrac.

4.- Nitto Terra Grappler G2 on Ford F150 – 275/60R17

If you are ready to tires on your light truck, but you aren’t the avid off-roader and you use your truck for daily driving and hitting lighter trails, the Nitto Terra Grappler will be a great choice to look at.

This features an asymmetrical all terrain tread that looks good with moderately aggressive pattern and performs great on the trail. The Terra Grappler G2 is said one of the quieter all-terrains, it’ll provide a comfortable daily ride. This tire is available in 29 to a 35 inch diameter, for 17, 18, 20 and 22 wheels, so make sure you get the right one for your setup.

Nitto made the Terra Grappler G2 with the intention of being a true all-terrain tire for flexible performance off-road and on-road. This is not the most aggressive all terrain tire, but it’s still a very meaty tread, and it’s definitely a step up from the other option.

The G2 will be able to perform very well on the street and on the trail in rain and snow all year round, and it can tackle looser terrain, like gravel or sand.

The G2 features full-depth sipes and reinforced coupling joints to help the tread wear evenly for a longer lifespan. To further help the tread life, unlike a mud terrain, the lugs on the G2 will be closer together. This will not allow the tread to self-clean in soft or muddier ground, but this will make the tire quiet and comfortable while you’re daily driving it on the road, giving it great road manners.

The shoulder, or the outside edge of the tire, has staggered lugs for loose terrain, and it really gives a better bite road off-road. On the surface of the tire, there are deep sipes and laterals vois in the outer blocks, which will channel water away and prevent any hydroplaning, making the G2 perfect for rain and snow.

The coupling blocks will promote traction and handling in dry climates, as well as promote an even wear for a long lifespan, which you definitely want in a tire.

5.- Toyo Open Country AT3 on Ford F150 – 275/60R17 

The aggressive and wide tread pattern of the 275/60r17 Ford  Open Country AT II provides excellent traction in wet conditions and provides excellent water drainage channels.

The contact patch’s phased computer designed design of blocks and grooves ensures a long-lasting and quiet ride. Each groove is extremely deep, with stone ejecting blocks that have tapering edges.

This allows the tire to maintain exceptional traction throughout each revolution while also reducing the risk of premature tread loss.

The tread pattern is linked together by tie bars in between the tread blocks for added stability and even longer predicted endurance. Interspersed throughout are zig zag sipes that provide additional biting edges for optimum handling in all weather.

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