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What are The Most Popular 285/75R16 Mud Tires in USA?

285/75R16 Mud Terrain is a pickup truck tire size for on and off road use. It has a Diameter of 32.8″ (inches), Width 11.2″ (inches), Wheel diameter 16″ (inches) and a Sidewall 8.4″ (inches). This tire size is mostly designed for All Terrain and Mud Terrain models.

Next, we show you the 6 Most Popular 285/75R16 Mud Terrain tires in USA Market.

1.- BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM3MUD TERRAIN285/75R16
2.- Goodyear Wrangler DuratracMUD TERRAIN285/75R16
3.- Ironman Country MTMUD TERRAIN285/75R16
4.- Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3MUD TERRAIN285/75R16
5.- Nitto Trail Grappler MTMUD TERRAIN285/75R16

1.- BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM3 – 285/75R16 Mud Tires

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM3 - 285/75R16 Mud Tires

The 285/75R16  BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 is the fourth generation All-Terrain T/A KO2. BFGoodrich will talk about the three T’s with this tire for toughness, tread, wear and traction. They spent a lot of time and a lot of science analyzing exactly how to make their tires last longer and why they fail.

Some of the big changes they made besides the styling, there is a little difference in the tread where it no longer has the vertical lines.

There’s a bit more camber, leading to better sidewall protection was part of what they did to the tread, where they actually molded it, so they claim 20 percent stronger on the sidewall. But really, in addition to giving it more traction, there is some really added thickness and it will also give you better grip when you get into sandy and muddy conditions.

The angled grooves will also help push mud out for better traction there. In fact, it will help break the seal a bit so you don’t get stuck in the mud when you get there.

The other major changes, now there are quite a few snipers. They actually have zigzags on the sniping so when the tire actually goes over dirt and terrain you’d think that might disarm it further. But since it’s angled, it actually makes a better lockdown and actually provides even better traction.

2.- Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac – 285/75R16 Mud Tires

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac - 285/75R16 Mud Tires

The 285/75R16  Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac are used in work trucks, and plow trucks are especially popular in the former. Everybody wears these things because they are quite impressive both off-road and on-road.

You can see they have those big chunky blocks of the tread on the side and then in the middle, it’s a little closer and it’s a smaller block of the tread. But there is still a lot of space there for the evacuation of not only water, but also gravel, mud rocks, etc. And by having them closer together in the center, you get a little more mileage out of these. So, depending on the sizes, they have a fifty-thousand-mile warranty. So that’s something you’ll want to investigate.

When it comes to driving in the snow, we can tell you first hand that these things are pretty impressive, just in the tread pattern alone, you will see that there are a ton of zigzag snipers. And basically, what it does is it collects snow and locks it in those little sections so you don’t turn it into a stain, but you get better acceleration and better braking by having all this extra writing there.

So, if you are looking for a tire with an off-road appearance and good performance both on the road and in difficult terrain such as snow, we recommend the Wrangler Duratrac.

3.- Ironman Country MT – 285/75R16 Mud Tires

Ironman Country MT - 285/75R16 Mud Tires

A proper off-road tire is the Ironman All Country M/T. It doesn’t make any of the compromises that mid-range all terrain tires do, despite being road legal. The M/T (short for Mud Terrain) label denotes that this is Ironman’s most abrasive tread. Huge tire blocks can save you from sticky (or muddy) circumstances and provide a great amount of terrain adaptability.

The All Country M/T is what the tough demand when times are rough. The All Country M/T was created with detours in mind and delivers exceptional off-road grip in the worst weather, additional puncture-resistant characteristics, and good durability in prolonged off-road use. The All Country M/T is more than capable of providing the extra bite and extra muscle needed to overcome the elements thanks to a staggered buttress that protects against high sidewall cuts and abrasions and a groove design that prevents stone drilling.


  • Shoulder blocks make it simple to remove sand and silt while improving traction on off-road conditions.
  • A three-ply sidewall offers protection from tearing and cutting.
  • In muddy conditions, void ratio efficiently encourages self-cleaning capacity.
  • Stubbable tread for added “bite” in applications for extreme weather.


4.- Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 – 285/75 R16 Mud Tires

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 - 285/75 R16 Mud Tires

The 285/75R16 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 for Jeep Wrangler is based on a legendary and well-proven design and build.

A proprietary compound and new design elements were included to address the changing needs of discerning consumers looking for an excellent hybrid and off-road combination, resulting in a flexible all-season tire that performs well both indoors and out.

Of the road Silica-reinforced band compound for increased performance on wet surfaces, cut / chip resistance and durability.

The 3-layer Powerply side wall architecture provides side wall protection and dynamic handling. The four-slope SideBiter pattern covers the ground for more traction and protection.

The breakout groove helps minimize heat by allowing the tread to conform to uneven surfaces. Self-cleaning tread pattern with plenty of headroom and angled studs provides outstanding off-road traction. Rock ejection ribs and variable throw angles help prevent stone retention.

5.- Nitto Trail Grappler MT – 285/75 R16 Mud Tires

Nitto Trail Grappler MT - 285/75 R16 Mud Tires

Nitto has combined some of their best features from the Mud Grappler, along with the well-mannered on road handling characteristics of its terror grappler to create a tire that’s both aggressive yet still reasonably quiet. There are a number of features that add to this tires durability, comfort and performance.

The sidewall on the 285/75r16 it Nitto Trail Grappler  does feature a three-ply construction that aids in both its durability and its puncture resistance, so you can rest easy knowing that the trail grappler is built to withstand a variety of different types of terrain.

The other side features a more stylized and bold looking trail grappler font along with V-shaped buttresses, giving you some flexibility in how the tire ultimately looks when you finally mount it on your vehicle. If you move up to the tread block surface of the tire, Nitto set their engineering team out to create a tire that’s both aggressive yet still remaining quiet.

The central sniping in the tread blocks, which is going to help to increase your wet weather handling and traction while decreasing the risk of hydroplaning on the outer tread blocks. All of these features combine together to create a tire with excellent wet and dry handling characteristics on the road and great performance off road as well, and with sizes available to fit wheels ranging from 15 all the way up to twenty-four inches.

Price List 285/75R16 Mud Terrain

KUMHO ROAD VENTURE MT71PRICE: $271 - $300 Per Tire
COOPER EVOLUTION M/T PRICE: $275 - $304 Per Tire
YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR M/T G003PRICE: $280 - $310 Per Tire
GENERAL GRABBER X3PRICE: $303 - $334 Per Tire

Video 285/75R16 BFGoodrich KM3

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