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About Martin Diaz

Martin Diaz is a tire internet entrepreneur who has built successfully multiple tire e-commerce in different countries on the word. He has helped numerous of tires stores connecting them with local online customers.

He grew up in Santiago the capital city of Chile, where he remembers learning to sell tires at a very young age in the family business. In case you don’t know, Chile is a thin country on the pacific coast in South America. It’s the country with the most open economy on latin american and the competition of tire brands and prices is very strong.

Martin is an industrial engineer, he has studied and lived in USA and Argentina. He had to work in different industries and countries; however and as he says: “I always end up working with car, jeep and SUV tires, in short… maybe it is what I like the most”.

If you ask him, if he considers himself a tire expert? he will always answer no, because the world of tires is very big and there is always a lot to learn. However, unlike other people, he has real experience working with tires in USA, New Zealand and Latin America.

Martin Diaz photoIn summary, nowadays with so many different brands, models, and prices in the USA market, it is often difficult to make the right choice. Most people usually tend to buy the same brand of tires that their car originally came with, others opt for higher quality or in some cases, shop for a cheaper one.

This is why the Internet is an excellent tool that helps people compare products, saving time and money on your next tire purchase. And is a website that uses all the info from the best tire e-commerce and car forums in the United States. Delivering as a result, quick and effective information of the size and brand what are you looking for.