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What are the top 10 tires 255/55R19 in the USA Market?

255/55r19 is a SUV & car tire size. It has a Diameter of 30.0″ (inches), Width 10.0″ (inches), Wheel diameter 19″ (inches) and a Sidewall 5.52″ (inches). This tire size is mostly designed for All Season models.

The best 255/55r19 tires is Continental CrossContact LX Sport. Based on a study of the most important tire e-commerce stores in the USA.

Next, we show you the ranking and photos of the top 255/55r19 tires preferred in the US market.

1.- Top 5 Best 255/55r19 All Season Tires
2.- Top 5 Best Price on 255/55r19
3.- Top 5 Most Expensive 255/55r19

The rankings are based on reviews of the best US ecommerce tires stores.

1.- Top 5 Best 255/55r19 All Season Tires

Top #1 All Season TiresContinental CrossContact LX Sport255/55r19
Top #2 All Season TiresMichelin Latitude Tour HP255/55r19
Top #3 All Season TiresGoodyear Eagle Sport All-Season255/55r19
Top #4 All Season TiresVredestein Quatrac Pro255/55r19
Top #5 All Season TiresToyo Proxes ST III255/55r19

Top #1 All Season Tires: Continental CrossContact LX Sport – 255/55r19

The 255/55r19 Continental CrossContact LX Sport is an all-season tire made for crossovers, SUVs, and light-duty pickup trucks.

Its tread compound contains tri-net silica, which improves the tire’s ability to gain and maintain traction in a variety of circumstances and on a variety of terrain. In addition, the tri-net silica compound, along with the siping on the tread, helps to improve traction and grip even more, especially on snowy roads.

Continental has designed an asymmetrical tread pattern for this tire, which improves handling and responsiveness. Four circumferential grooves are present on the tire’s surface, ensuring that it can cross wet and slick conditions without losing traction.

The four circumferential grooves also aid in hydroplaning prevention, ensuring that the tire retains traction throughout. The adoption of jointless cap piles, which allow for better vehicle reaction and a smoother ride, improves its weather performance even further.

Making rapid turns on wet and slippery conditions is not an issue with the Continental CrossContact LX Sport, unlike other all-season tires. It also has excellent braking performance on both wet and dry pavement.

With low road noise, the Continental CrossContact LX Sport provides a smooth and quiet ride. This can be attributed to the Acoustic Alterra technology being used. The CrossContact LX Sport has a UTQG treadwear rating of 680, so it should last as long as it says it will.

Top #2 All Season Tires: Michelin Latitude Tour HP – 255/55r19

The 255/55r19 Michelin Latitude HP Tour is an All-Season Touring tire for light trucks. The Latitude Hp Tour was created for drivers of sport utility vehicles and premium crossovers.

Michelin Latitude Hp Tour tires are created to combine comfort, handling and traction in all seasons, even in light snow. the Latitude Hp Tour features an all-season tread compound and balances dry, wet and winter traction.

The Latitude Hp Tour has stable shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib that improves responsiveness and provides stability. The Latitude Hp Tour also features wide circumferential grooves that help reduce hydroplaning and grooves that improve handling in rain and snow.

Profits: When it comes to wet handling and braking, these tires shines. Hydroplaning resistance is provided and rolling resistance is reduced, resulting in fuel savings. It also has excellent handling and braking capabilities

Top #3 All Season Tires: Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season – 255/55r19

This tire contains a lot of grooves for good traction in the rain, as well as hundreds of smaller grooves called sipes for traction in light snow. With its low-profile design and broad tread blocks, this tire is geared for drivers of sports vehicles and sedans.

The 255/55r19 Goodyear Eagle All Season Sport incorporates some of the same Goodyear racing technology that is used in NASCAR to improve stability and steering response at high speeds. RaceWrap technology, which covers the sidewall of the tire at a little angle, is claimed to improve the tire’s precision.

On the track, the Eagle Sport All Season is a blast to drive and maintains a good grip on the road even when pushed hard. When accelerating, cornering, and braking, the tires perform admirably.

The tires make a little more noise on the highway. This is most likely owing to the tire’s soft composition, which enables it to grip the road so well.

Top #4 All Season Tires: Vredestein Quatrac Pro – 255/55r19

With greater traction on wet, snow, and ice conditions, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro outperforms its predecessor. Furthermore, its flawless handling provides a sense of predictability to SUV and performance vehicle drivers.

The all-season tire is loaded with premium characteristics that offer optimal comfort, accurate handling, and control in both wet and dry road situations; they also perform very well on ice due to their enhanced traction capabilities.

Furthermore, the 255/55r19 Vredestein Quatrac Pro meets all applicable industry standards for severe snow service requirements, making it perfect for drivers who drive in all types of weather.

Using enormous amounts of silica and resin, the tread is formed in an asymmetrical pattern. The initial rib and projecting shoulder provide firm tread blocks for superior handling, resulting in the precise turning mechanism and greater road-holding qualities for which this tire is recognized.

The way Quatrac Pro is built, with a polyester outer shell supporting two steel straps, gives it year-round robustness and balance. A polyamide reinforcement also lowers wear at high speeds and maintains peak performance at all times.

Top #5 All Season Tires: Toyo Proxes ST III – 255/55r19

The 255/55r29  Toyo Proxes ST is the basis for Toyo’s iconic S/T family of tires, serving as the entry level for sport performance all-season SUV and light truck tires. Even entry-level performance tires work admirably because to their high-quality design and engineering.

All-season tread compositions provide traction in all weather conditions. Grooving and tread blocks are meant to wick water away, while rigidity is added to improve performance under heavy loads.

Owners of sporty and expensive SUVs and light trucks want a tire with excellent handling and a smooth ride. Proxes ST tires feature exceptional winter traction for all-season use thanks to a multi-weather substance. At high speeds, the wide, reinforced V tread pattern is stable. In wet conditions, the tread shape and design direct water out and away from beneath the tire, keeping the tires firmly planted on the road.

For highway touring, tire materials are developed not just to endure a long time, but also to provide a smooth and quiet ride. While these performance tires are approved for mud and snow, they won’t provide much off-road traction.

Dry traction should be great at highway speeds and in corners. The tire’s form is maintained during direction changes thanks to the sidewall structure, which keeps more rubber on the road. The Proxes ST’s interior structure improves strength and increases load bearing capability.

The Proxes ST is the foundation of Toyo’s successful SUV and light truck performance tire line. It provides dependable traction. All-season compounds should give traction for everyday driving without losing aggressive handling confidence. A smooth, quiet ride is provided by the long-lasting tread design and toughened internal construction. Attractive tread patterns and low-profile sidewalls give the tire a high-performance appearance.

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2.- Top 5 Best Price on 255/55r19

Top#1 Best Price: Pirelli Pzero (PZ4) – 255/55 r19

Top#2 Best Price: Bridgestone Alenza 001 – 255 55 r19

Top#3 Best Price: Laufenn S FIT AS – 255/55 r19

Top#4 Best Price: General Grabber UHP – 255 55 r19

Top#5 Best Price: Continental ProContact TX – 255/55 r19

3.- Top 5 Most Expensive 255/55r19

Top#1 High Price: Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season RunOnFlat – 255 55 r19

Top#2 High Price: Michelin Latitude Sport 3 – 255/55 r19

Top#3 High Price: Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Run Flat – 255 55r19

Top#4 High Price: Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S – 255 55 r19

Top#5 High Price: Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 – 255/55 r19