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What are the top 10 tires 325/60R18 in the USA Market?

325/60r18 is a All Terrain tire size. It has a Diameter of 33.4″ (inches), Width 12.8″ (inches), Wheel diameter 18″ (inches) and a Sidewall 7.68″ (inches).

The best 325/60 R18 tires is: All Terrain category is the Nitto Ridge Grappler. Based on a study of the most important tire e-commerce stores in the USA.

Next, we show you the ranking and photos of the top 325/60 R18 tires preferred in the US market.

Top 5 Best 325/60r18 All Terrain tires

Top #1 All TerrainNitto Ridge Grappler325/60r18
Top #2 All TerrainNitto Trail Grappler325/60r18
Top #3 All TerrainToyo Open Country AT II Xtreme325/60r18

Top #1 All Terrain: Nitto Ridge Grappler – 325/60r18

Top #1 All Terrain: Nitto Ridge Grappler -best 325/60r18

We will tell you why the Grappler model is so popular. For starters, it combines the best of both worlds, between its mud tires and its off-road tires.

Now, the Ridge Grappler itself is actually built on an all-terrain platform, whereas you have other ultra or hybrid tires, it is built on the mud tire platform, so the 325/60r18 Nitto Ridge Grappler is kind of giving you the best of both worlds between that mud and the all-terrain.

You could get good on road performance, they’re not too loud. But then if you want to take this thing off road on the weekends, you can definitely do that.

Because it’s a harder compound and they’re not these massive lugs, you have a pretty smooth, pretty stable on road experience with the tires. But there’s still a large enough that if you take them off road in any kind of low traction environment, they still do just fine because there’s plenty of separation there.

No complaints with them. Good in the dry, good in the wet and actually pretty decent in the snow, too, because it’s again just the hybrid tire that’s good for a little bit of everything.

Another added bonus of these tires is that they’re actually manufactured right here in the United States and actually you could get a chance to tour the factory in white Georgia. So, it’s one of those tires that it’s American made.

Top #2 All Terrain: Nitto Trail Grappler – 325/60r18

Top #2 All Terrain: Nitto Trail Grappler -best 325/60r18

Nitto has combined some of their best features from the Mud Grappler, along with the well-mannered on road handling characteristics of its terror grappler to create a tire that’s both aggressive yet still reasonably quiet. There are a number of features that add to this tires durability, comfort and performance.

The sidewall on the 325/60r18 it Nitto Trail Grappler M/T does feature a three-ply construction that aids in both its durability and its puncture resistance, so you can rest easy knowing that the trail grappler is built to withstand a variety of different types of terrain.

The other side features a more stylized and bold looking trail grappler font along with V-shaped buttresses, giving you some flexibility in how the tire ultimately looks when you finally mount it on your vehicle. If you move up to the tread block surface of the tire, Nitto set their engineering team out to create a tire that’s both aggressive yet still remaining quiet.

The central sniping in the tread blocks, which is going to help to increase your wet weather handling and traction while decreasing the risk of hydroplaning on the outer tread blocks.

All of these features combine together to create a tire with excellent wet and dry handling characteristics on the road and great performance off road as well, and with sizes available to fit wheels ranging from 15 all the way up to twenty-four inches.

Top #3 All Terrain: Toyo Open Country AT II Xtreme – 325 60 r18

Top #3 All Terrain: Toyo Open Country AT II Xtreme -best 325/60r18

The aggressive and wide tread pattern of the 325/60r18 Open Country AT II provides excellent traction in wet conditions and provides excellent water drainage channels. The contact patch’s phased computer designed design of blocks and grooves ensures a long-lasting and quiet ride.

Each groove is extremely deep, with stone ejecting blocks that have tapering edges. This Toyo Tires allows the tire to maintain exceptional traction throughout each revolution while also reducing the risk of premature tread loss.

The tread pattern is linked together by tie bars in between the tread blocks for added stability and even longer predicted endurance. Interspersed throughout are zig zag sipes that provide additional biting edges for optimum handling in all weather.

The Toyo Open Country AT II is a fantastic option for any light truck or SUV driver that wants to go off-road.

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